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Yateley Silverbacks Ladies Yateley Silverbacks Ladies

Captain : Corinne Brooks

5'10''  Centre

Corinne is a veteran of the Southern basketball leagues, having played in the Solent league from 1986-2004 before moving to North Hampshire and joining Camberley basketball club and the Wessex league. She is a utility player, having played most positions throughout her career, and is currently enjoying playing centre for the Silverbacks. When persuaded to actually jump, Corinne can be quite effective under the basket - but does take a while to warm up. She uses her experience to encourage the new players and teach them the crafty tricks she's learnt over the years.

Corinne's son is a keen player too, and she is working on her daughter to get her playing more basketball and less netball. Corinne writes the match reports for the Ladies team and does the stats. She's also a qualified table official, although that was so long ago that there is no longer any record of her qualification! When not playing basketball, Corinne likes to ski, run, play a bit of tennis and generally be out and about... Mostly, however, she functions as a taxi driver

Vice Captain : Lynne McCandlish

5ft 3"(Guard)

Lynne joined the Silverbacks in September 2014. Having spent several years playing as a point guard at top flight basketball in the WNBA, she decided to return to the UK to continue her studies reading Environmental Science and more recently has further explored the field of Acoustics. She's the fearless 'Warrior' on the court, often seen hustling near the floor but also leads the stats for rebounding. A loyal team mate committed to the club, the Warrior is proud to wear the #12 bearing the mighty Silverback on her chest. She gives it her all in every game. Off the court 'Lynne the Gin' is the driving force of the Social Committee (master baker of the club) and Ladies Team Secretary. She is a qualified Basketball England Level 2 table official and often assists Jack with coaching at Babybacks. With two young boys  Lynne is keen to champion basketball and to bring it to those in the local community who may not usually get the opportunity to play. She will soon be embarking on a course to obtain her coaching qualifications in order to progress with this. Her commitment & hard work earned her the Chairman's award for 2014/2015

Head Coach : Morgan Connor

6'1'' Forward
Morgan is currently the youngest Silverback on the clubs roster. Introduced to the club by his work colleague 'Big Jack' Vaughan he impressed offensively during the pre-season Woodley tournament and earned a place in the 
2nds squad. Morgan possess a scorers mentality (in fact he hasn't yet been seen passing the ball!) and with some coaching and experience in local league basketball coming up he has a bright future ahead of him in the game.
Catherine Daines
The Chairman's wife and club table official. Catherine has been a basketball fan since meeting Pete. The first game she ever saw live was the Wessex Mens Cup final in 2003 - where her future husband, captaining Lodden Valley, ended up on the losing side in a nailbiting 2 point loss to the Army after some shocking refereeing decisions! From then on she loved watching the game. She became obsessed/besotted with the former TV Tigers point guard Nick Moore in 2004/05 but only decided to take up playing during the summer of 2011. She has been instrumental in helping (and allowing) Pete to set up the club. A tenacious defender who gets into great attacking positions she needs to be more confident to shoot the ball! An excellent table official when not distracted by her son Matthew, she is a former professional singer and World Champion dancer. Nowadays musical/untidy Catherine, who never misses Eastenders, teaches Maths at Yateley Manor, is devoted to her huge (Irish) family and is a medal winning long distance runner.
Rebecca Ellis
Cake baking Becky graduated as a PE teacher after attending Uni in Sheffield and had toiled for a lucky break ever since. It came when she was appointed Head of Girls Games at Yateley Manor in May 2011 and she was also made aware of the presence of this basketball club! Sports mad, mother of two and an avid listener of 'TalkSport' Becky is another Spurs fan and daughter of a local athletics guru. Still prone to perform a netball pass, instead of a more classical basketball chest/bounce pass, on the court Becky is fearless, determined and not shy to put up a shot or two!
Jackie Giles
5' 5" Guard
Jackie is an experienced player who hadn't played for a while before being inspired by watching a 'Backs game and joining Becky's netball club. She understands the game well, sets good screens and cuts well into space. Amusingly, between games 2 and 3 of the pre-season tournament she popped home to 'do some ironing'!
Brynn Leavitt
5' 6" Brynn grew up playing basketball in the US and is now coming back to the sport after many years off. She loves most sports but has a soft spot for alpine skiing, running, cycling, basketball and (sometimes) golf. Being used to the wide open spaces of Montana, let's hope she gets lots of room to score in her first season with the Silverbacks, oh and she told me to say 'Go Blazers'!
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