Yateley Silverbacks Basketball Club - Top 5

All Time Statistics – Top 5’s 
1st  2nd and 3rd teams and Ladies Teams combined
(2010 – present)

Points ScoredHighest PPG Average
(Min 10 games)
Three Pointers MadeFree Throws Attempted
1Antony Green       15621Ben Clarke              19.91Callum Harvey           1221Jack Vaughan            410
2Jack Vaughan       11752Will Platt                  17.32Pete Daines               1172Antony Green             328
3Andrew Tomlin      9253Steve Vaughan        16.53Ben Le Tourneau        923Pete Daines                352
4Pete Daines          7904Barney Bailey           15.44Antony Green              714=Andrew Tomlin            295
5Callum Harvey      7425Callum Harvey          14.35Gareth Parsons           644=Andy Crombie             273
Personal FoulsTechnical Fouls  L30 point game clubFree Throw %
(Min 15 attempts)
1Pete Daines          3151Paul Crawford     221Rod Wellington          421Antony Green        77.74%
2Darren Lynch         2912Antony Green      202Barney Bailey            382Steve Vaughan      71.98%
3Jack Vaughan       2183Pete Daines         193Antony Green            353Barney Bailey        69.49%
4Tim Routledge      2104Barney Bailey      104=Callum Harvey           334Gareth Parsons     68.49%
5Antony Green        2345Callum Harvey      84=Steve Vaughan          335Callum Harvey       65.50%
6Ben Clarke                 32
7Callum Harvey           31
8=Gareth Parsons         30
8=Leon Sharp                30