Andrew Tomlin profile

  • Andrew "Coddy" Tomlin
  • Andrew Tomlin        6’5’’       Center
    ‘Coddy’ is one of the most decorated players in recent Wessex league history after his emergence as a callow youth on the outdoor courts of Bracknell. He has won numerous League titles and Cups (as well as lots of Runners up medals) with first Woodley and then Windsor over the last 15 seasons. It is a travesty he has never been a Wessex League All-star like Davies and Daines! (Sorry mate, had to be done!) A former teammate of Pete and Glynn during schoolboy Tigers, Berkshire and Brunel University teams, Coddy must have amassed well over 10,000 points and 15,000 rebounds during his career. The big fella in the middle is a huge Spurs fan and when he is not hanging out at the Lane or in the After Dark, he is a family man – married to Anna and doting father of Sophia. Favourite all time player: Matt Buck
  • Awards

    2nd Team Coach's Player of the Year - 2017/18, 3rd Team Player's Player of the Year - 2016/17, MVP - 2011/12